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Just letting everyone know that we have decided to put on one extra shoot on the 18th of December then we have our Boxing Day prize shoot with exploding clays, bangs, sparks and white smoke, will be a fun day.
Open to all, members and non members alike, prize winning will be for members only though, sorry.
We are still accepting donations of prizes should you folks feel generous.
Thank you to those who have already donated, much appreciated 👍🏻
See you on the 18th and then the 26th !!
Paul Robinson - Club Chairman

p.s. Due to the increase in price of cartridges, we will unfortunately have to increase the cost of a box of 25 to £7.50 per box in the new year, sorry but we can't operate at a loss.
Thanks for your understanding.


For those that haven't already heard, the price of clays has shot up in price by a staggering 25% with immediate effect across the sport. Fortunately we had an order already in and we have secured further supplies which should see us right for approx. 3 months shooting. The committee is aware that we have increased some of our prices in recent weeks and we would like to reassure members that we are looking at the cost implications for when we come to the end of the 'cheap' supplies. We will do all we can to try and offset the impact of this rise for our members but please be aware that there is a possibility that we MAY have to increase the price we charge for clays if, after some calculations, we find that it is un-sustainable. We are a non-profit club as you know but we do have overheads that other clubs do not have such as the costs associated with our truck, rent for the safe parking of the truck, Insurance & MOT etc. and we do also need to keep some funds in reserve for unplanned expenses. We then have the usual public liability insurance, accountancy fees etc. in order for us to operate. This is just a heads up, please rest assured that we will keep any increase to an absolute minimum but for now our prices remain un-affected due to our recent acquisition of targets. On behalf of the committee, thanks for your continued support. I will update everyone once we have a clearer picture

Paul Robinson - Club Chairman


B&DGC are now open as usual in the amazing and beautiful Birkby Brow Wood location for 50 Bird Sporting Shoots every fortnight - come and join us - see our great new trap and bird configurations designed by our very experienced set up team headed up by Steve Hosty - enjoy our hot drinks and hot sandwiches on site - see our latest fixture list for details here




The weather was a little unkind for the 2021 B&DGC Boxing Day Special Shoot

But despite this there was a good attendance - big thanks from the Club Committee to all who braved the weather to make this shoot a success. Some great prizes were won by many shooters - ENJOYABLE DAY HAD BY ALL!!

** Boxing Day Shoot **

On 26th December 2022 from 10am


Our next shoot after 18th December shoot will be on Boxing Day from 10am
 Clays = Win Prizes Day"....*

Much appreciation for your support in attending our shoot over the past year and a special thanks to those who's effort make our shoot possible each fortnight, we couldn't do it without you guys and gals

On behalf of the B&DGC Committee, we would like to wish all members and non-members alike, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a great time, looking forward to seeing you all on Boxing Day where B&DGC will be offering FULL hot and cold 'BUTTY VAN' CATERING facilities throughout the shoot

REMEMBER you can invite friends and family to this shoot - they don't have to be shooting, just enjoy Boxing Day in the woods watching the shooting with a nice hot drink and a bacon sandwich. Free EAR PLUGS will be supplied to all family visitors and their guests courtesy of the 'Butty Van'

(Please note* prizes are available on a members only basis, as they have donated them, sorry. Non members are still very welcome to participate in the shoot)
Paul Robinson
Club Chairman

The B&DGC Committee

The Club Gazebo shelter is always ready for the rain - when and if it arrives 😁

gazzebo up blurred.jpg

Congratulations to Robbie Hull, our youngest ever High Gun Winner in over 60 years. A fantastic achievement, making his grandad very proud. Well done from all of us in the club Rob


Change of Covid-19 B&DGC Shoot Rules - January 2022

Currently our shoot will be operating as follows until further UK Government advice and notification .....


1. The white flag distancing will be reduced to queuing to pay on


2. Teams of 6 will be allowed to take up positions at each stand


3. The teams of 6 that are waiting to shoot MUST still remain 2m from the group in front or behind


4. When moving from stand to stand, stay together and stay 2m apart when passing on the woodland paths


5. Respect the public, they should maintain priority right of way


6. Please put ALL your spent cartridges in the bins provided to help the shoot organisers

7. All Scorecards should be handed in for safekeeping to the white Catering Trailer 'MARKED' collection container before leaving the wood

The following of these rules is primarily down to shooters co-operation, please make this teams of 6 work so we can move forwards and not have to go back to small teams of 2, as previously specified


Thank you, see you all on alternative Sundays - (B&DGC Fixtures List - click here)


Paul Robinson

Club Chairman


More News - OUR NEW B&DGC CATERING TRAILER is finally in place!

We now have our own great new fully 'Catering Safe Certified' B&DGC butty trailer and a social chat table and chairs set up next to it - come and have a chat with your shooting buddies with a Coffee / Yorkshire Tea  / Hot Bovril / Cold Drink Can and/or a GREAT hot sandwich before or after your shoot 👍

Increased menu choice, see main home page for details

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