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Some Background on the Batley & District Gun Club

Established in 1961, we run a non-for-profit club for regular members and non-members alike, to participate in the popular sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting

Our goal is to promote the sport in a safe, responsible manner and to encourage others, including youngsters from the age of 10 upwards, to join us in what is a fun yet sometimes challenging pastime

We have a very experienced and dedicated team that professionally set up each shoot and 

they always aim to vary the setup as much as possible to make each shoot a different challenge


“Signing on” to the shoot takes place at the rear of our club truck, you will be issued with a scorecard and cartridges if required (we stock a variety of cartridges at the shoot), these may be purchased if required upon the submission of a valid shotgun certificate

The "Signing on" truck is located approximately 10 minutes walk down the main woodland walkway (referred to as the 'Leeds Country Way' on Google maps) from the road entrance / car parking area. The woodland walkway entrance gate is easily spotted from Howden Clough Road on active shooting days by the displaying of a RED shooting 'live' flag fixed near the main gate

We typically have 5 or 6 “Stands”, each launching 4 or 5 pairs of Clay Pigeons to provide 50 targets in total

All our “Traps” are wirelessly operated by a person with a hand held “Button”, initiated by the call “PULL”

The "Clays" or “Birds” as they are also referred to, are either set into the air as a “Pair” simultaneously or “On Report”. On report is where the second clay is not released until the shooter has shot at the first target

We normally operate 26 shoots throughout our shooting calendar, including our very popular Boxing Day Shoot - great for all the family to attend, all can enjoy a hot drink and some fun!

Our shoots take place every other Sunday. Signing in for the shoot is between 9am and 11am and actual shooting begins at 10am and finishes no later than 2pm (unless exceptional circumstances apply). Our fixtures and results are displayed on private Social Media pages - to see the fixtures page


In 2024 we will re-employ a Score Handicap System and a Classification System similar to the CPSA, along with several Trophy Shoots for fully paid up club members (see fixtures list tab at the top of the page)

We operate a strict safety policy whilst handling guns, all guns are kept in their sleeves until the shooter is safely within the stand, only then is the gun removed and broken/breach open, to indicate to others that the gun is “Safe”. Only FIBRE WAD 28 gram load (or below) Cartridges are permitted to be used on the shoot (sorry, no plastic wads (Plaswads) allowed under ANY circumstances)

In matters of safety and compliance to the club rules, the 'button pushers' and/or club committee members decision is final

Our stand enclosures are three sided to restrict the shooters range of swing, all onlookers and fellow shooters are located behind the active shooter at a safe distance at all times

The Stands are spread out in a natural woodland setting with undulating ground therefore, sadly, we are unable to accommodate some disabilities on safety grounds. Please contact us using the contact form below for details

CLICK HERE for a video of our Woodland Shoot


On Site Catering

We offer a variety of hot drinks on site, Tea, Coffee, Bovril, Cup-a-Soup etc. 50p each - payable at the Truck. Food is not available on site in the Wood at this time (occasionally biscuits are available)



We have permission to park vehicles responsibly within the entrance to the wood as well as roadside.

Parking inside the gateway is limited, signage informs those of “No Vehicles Beyond This Point” so please respect this parking limit sign

Parking for certain disabilities may be catered for deeper in the wood, but this is strictly on a 'permit only' basis, as parking spaces are very limited (please contact us using the contact form for further details)


Novices Shooters


Those new to the sport, wishing to participate are able to do so under strict supervision with advance notification

Please DO NOT just turn up as we will not be able to accommodate you without prior preparation of a novice shooting stand

Please contact us using the contact form at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment

Younger Colt Shooters (Under 18's)

Colt (under 18's) shooters are always welcome with suitable adult supervision (all NEW Colt shooters, please contact us using the contact form at least 2 weeks prior to arrival for full details and to avoid disappointment)

B&DGC Pricing from March 2024

  • Annual Club Membership Fee - £35.00 first subscription, then £30.00 thereafter (due from 1st July each year)

  • Annual Colt (under 18's) Club Membership Fee - £15.00

  • Club Members 50 Bird Sporting Shoot (excluding cartridges) - £13.00

  • Guests 50 Bird Sporting Shoot (excluding cartridges) - £16.00

  • Colts Club Members 50 Bird Sporting Shoot (excluding cartridges) - £5.00 (ONE 50 Bird ROUND ONLY - additional 50 Bird rounds - £10.00 excluding cartridges)

  • Colt Guests 50 Bird Sporting Shoot (excluding cartridges) - £10.00

  • Adult Tuition fee per session* (excluding clay targets and cartridges, but including use of Club Training Gun during session) - £50.00

  • Under 18 (Colt) Tuition fee per session* (excluding clay targets and cartridges, but including use of Club Training Gun during session) - £25.00

  • * Minimum of 3 sessions required before you can apply for your Shotgun Certificate from the West Yorkshire Police Firearms Division

  • The use of a suitable Club Gun (normally £10), disposable ear plugs and loaned safety glasses are also included in the above Tuition fees

  • * Important! A £20 prepaid non-refundable deposit is required to book ALL Tuition sessions

  • x25 Box of Fibre Wad 12 Gauge Cartridges (24 or 28g) - £8.50

  • x25 Box of Fibre Wad 20 Gauge Cartridges (various loads) - £8.50

  • Embroidered Badge B&DGC Club Caps (various colours inc. Camo) - £8.50

  • Metal B&DGC Club Lapel Pin Badge - £3.00

  • B&DGC Embroidered Badge Polo Shirt (various colours - made to order) - £20.00

Unfortunately the club is only able to accept cash payments and currently unable to accept any Credit or Debit Card payments for any services due to our remote woodland location which has poor Internet/GSM connectivity

Contact Us For Professional Clay Pigeon Shooting Training Using The Form Below

(Name, Email and Phone Number is Mandatory)

Note to New Shooters

Please note that Batley & District Gun Club’s training courses are only currently available to the following people : 
1. Those that have already applied online to West Yorkshire Firearms Department in Wakefield, for their Shotgun Certificate, you require a minimum of 3 training sessions. (See our pricing section above)
2. Person’s seriously interested in taking up the sport and becoming a member of our club
Please complete our online enquiry form at the bottom of this page, if 1. or 2. relate to you 

3. Large Corporate Events 
4. Fun days Only
5. Groups of New Shooters for an Experience Day
6. Stag or Hen do’s

7. Birthday Gift Shoots etc. 
For those interested in points 3 to 7 above, please contact Mark at Hazel Bank Shooting Ground on 07852 785590 or





Contact B&DGC

Batley & District Gun Club

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How to Find us, including in an Emergency

We can be found using the "What3Words" app on your smart phone, this can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple AppStore for iPhones


Once installed, open the app and enter the following 3 words in the search bar, to indicate the entrance to the wooded area where we shoot. Follow the main track and you will find us after a 5 minute walk

Emergency Vehicles Access is possible by driving down the main track to reach the actual shooting ground


The words to enter are:  merit.spoke.latest  (include the full stops between each word)

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